Here is the first post in a series on wiring diagrams for those of you who want to tackle solar installs yourself.

I have tried to add as much information to the wiring diagram as possible including cable sizing and any fusing requirements.

The solar panel wiring diagram below is for a simple single 100w panel set-up to a leisure battery using a MPPT controller and battery monitor – I haven’t shown the starter battery on this diagram but the battery monitor would link to that battery as well as the leisure battery and monitor both for you.  If you are looking for your first solar install – this is a good starter layout, depending on your power requirements.  Check out this post on sizing a solar panel for your camper if you are not sure.

Links to the products used are in the diagram – just click on the image.  I have also listed them at the bottom of the post and there is also a pdf download if you need it.

Products that are shown in the wiring diagram

100w semi flexible solar panel - front

100w Semi Flexible Solar Panel