Victron MPPT Control Display


Have you ever wanted to see the status of your MPPT Solar charge controller – and control it? Now you can with the new MPPT Control from Victron Energy.



The MPPT Control lets you see the status as well as setup all BlueSolar MPPT Charge Controllers that have a VE.Direct communications port. The new MPPT Control is mounted in the familiar BMV-700 series housing, maintaining a consistent and professional look to your panels and systems monitoring equipment.

See the user and installation manual below for more information.


  • View live status information, including solar watts, battery voltage, charge current, load current and more.
  • View historical information
    A. All-time values
    B. 30-day historical values
  • MPPT setup

MPPT Control functionality

The MPPT Control starts up in the ‘Live View’, which shows the nine most important values of the MPPT Solar charge controller, such as ‘solar panel power’, ‘today’s yield’, ‘voltages’ & ‘currents’, as well as ‘charge state’ and ‘load state’.

Other information such as the historical values of the MPPT can be accessed by pressing ‘select’. All-time values like ‘total yield’ and other valuable information such as ‘maximum solar panel voltage’, ‘maximum & minimum battery voltage’ can also be viewed, as well as the last 4 errors. All that stored information from your MPPT can be selected and viewed with the MPPT Control. Within the 30-day history besides common information like ‘daily yield’, ‘minimum & maximum voltages and currents’, important information about the length of charge stages such as ‘bulk, absorption & float’ during a specific day can also be shown. With such extensive information the user can gain a considerable insight into their system.

Download pdf Datasheet

Additional information

Weight 0.61 kg
Dimensions 690 × 690 × 310 mm


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