Solar Technology 150w Black Semi-Flexible Solar Panel – Rear Junction Box


Black 150W semi-flexible mono-crystalline solar panel with a rear mounted junction box, ideal for discreet and aesthetically pleasing installation on dark coloured roofs, vehicles or mounting surfaces.


PV Logic Flexi solar panels are the ultimate choice for flat or slightly curved surfaces.

Benefit from the semi-flexible panel’s self-healing top surface

The ETFE top layer gives the PV Logic flexi extra resilience in really tough conditions. ETFE has a memory effect or self-healing capacity in the event the panel comes into contact with branches etc, thus ensuring any slight abrasions are ‘healed’ within a few hours. The flexi range can even be walked on with soft deck shoes! During production the ETFE is dimpled to further protect the panel and provide an anti-slip surface, particularly useful if the panel is fitted to a boat deck.

Completely waterproof

Each panel is assembled to ensure complete encapsulation. This ensures the six layer heavy duty laminate protects the solar cell circuit from extreme conditions. The junction box is also injected with special silicon, guaranteeing no water ingress.

Cells protected from hot spots

Where used on a camper van or boat, partial shading of a solar panel is typical. In these circumstances, heat build-up and damaging hot spots can occur leading to a significantly reduced life cycle of the panel. The larger 60w and above PV Logic flexi panels have up to two shading diodes housed within the fully waterproof junction box to prevent this occurrence.

Superior design

There are no square edges on a PV Logic flexi solar panel! Rounded panel corners and a unique curved junction box provide superior adhesion, no snag lamination and no sharp edges. The junction box is mechanically fixed in addition to being bonded to the panel. Strain relief is provided for the fitted 4m UV stabilised PV cable ensuring it cannot be accidentally pulled from the junction box.

Underside cable exit (100w and 150w panels only)

The cable of the 100w and 150w flexi panels exits the panel from the underside allowing for a completely flush fit to your roof or decking. A remote shading diode box is ensures consistent performance even in partially shady conditions. The 100w and 150w panels are available with a white back sheet or all black.

Easy fix

The semi-flexible range can be bonded to flat or slight curved surfaces (3cm curve per metre) such as painted aluminium, metal, GRP and fibreglass using Simson ISR 70-03. The aluminium layer is also pre-drilled with 4.5mm holes should the panel need to be mechanically fixed as well as or instead of bonding


  • Power: 150w
  • Size(mm) : 1475 x 665 x 4
  • Weight: 6.7kg
  • Pmax(WP): 150
  • Vmp(VDC): 17.6
  • Imp(A): 8.52
  • Voc(V): 21.9
  • Isc(A): 9.2
Download Datasheet

Additional information

Weight 6.7 kg
Dimensions 1475 × 665 × 4 mm


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