I know that the electrical part of the campervan build can be a little confusing for some but this one is a real brain teaser and even I have to pause and think about it occasionally.

The other day I was installing a new tap and pump system to a van and it had been a while since I fitted a water system – all of a sudden the brain went blank and I am staring at 3 sets of wires and feeling slightly embarrassed.

Thankfully, normal cognitive function resumed but this prompted me to create a wiring diagram to help others who may have the occasional brain-freeze.

So who is this post for? Well, if you have a tap with a microswitch and a submersible pump to bring water from your onboard tank when you turn on the tap then this post will help you wire it all together from a single live feed.

What equipment will you need?

  1. Tap with a microswitch
  2. Sumbersible 12v pump
  3. Fused live feed from your battery
  4. Ground wire from chasis or negative busbar
  5. 3 way connector block

You can run a live feed from your fuse box or use an inline fuse if running from the battery terminal.

What wire goes where?

Here goes:

Step 1: Connect your live feed from the battery to the positive wire from the tap (they should be labelled)

Step 2: Connect your negative wire from the tap to the positive wire of the pump

Step 3: Connect the negative wire from the pump to the ground wire from your negative busbar or chasis.

Wiring Diagram

How to wire a microswitch tap and pump

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